Gymnasticals FAQs

General Information

At what age can my child start gymnastics classes?

Our classes start at 4.5years and run to 14 years of age. Our classes are instructional so young children should be ready to follow instructions for the length of the class.

How are classes typically run?

All of our classes begin with a running and then stretch warm-up. During this time, students will learn basic body positions and drills which make up the building blocks of gymnastics and help them to understand how to perform skills properly later in the session.

Students will then practice various floor elements as a group, and/or will rotate through 3-4 different stations. During this time the children will review skills learned in previous weeks and will be introduced to new skills.

We always finish with a line up and sum-up. We strive on making our classes upbeat and fun.

Can parents stay and watch or come into the gym?

At our Maienmatt and Hoffmatt locations, there are viewing galleries raised away from the gym area. Parents are welcome to watch there. We do ask you not to call out to your child during the session.

At our Shui Zhu Do and Dirty Hands Venue, we are unable to cater for parents to watch on a regular basis, as there is no viewing area and we find that children actually concentrate better without their parents there in these locations. If you would like to view a one-off session, please make the arrangement directly with the coach.

At the start of a new term some younger children may need a little bit of settling in from their parents. If necessary, we would suggest to come in for the first 10mins to settle them in then wait outside.

There will be an opportunity to watch the students display at the end of the course. We will e-mail you a few weeks before the event with details.

What should students bring to the class?

To each session students should bring, just their spirit for gymnastics, their leotards or gym clothes and a bottle of water!

Please leave the bottle of water just by the door on the inside of the gym.

What is the proper attire for the gymnastics class?

We recommend girls wear a leotard. The boys must wear loose fitting shorts and T-shirt with no buttons, buckles or zippers. Students should participate in bare feet.

Long hair must be tied up neatly in a low ponytail or bunches. This is so not to obstructs vision and prevent hurting the back of their head when doing rolls.

Jewellery of any kind is not allowed in the gym. It can be dangerous to students, instructors and can damage the equipment.

Do you have a uniform?

Yes, we have Gymnasticals leotards and Gymnasticals boys uniform for purchase. We encourage you to buy these uniforms to create a team spirit and unity within the groups.

Please e-mail for more details and to order.

What are the RULES for the gymnastics class?
  1. Please be on time for class. This is extremely important. We do warm-ups, take the register, cover safety rules and explain special announcements.
  2. Regular attendance is important – Gymnastics is a progressive sport; missing classes may cause your child to fall behind the rest of the class.
  3. Children who are in the venue but not participating in classes must be under the direct care of an adult at all times. We are unable to babysit children that are not in the class.
  4. Only participants under the direct supervision of a coach may enter the gymnastics area. All other children are asked to refrain from using any gymnastics equipment.
  5. Students are not allowed on any of the equipment before or after their class unless supervised by a coach.
  6. Parents are asked not to converse with the students while the class is taking place.
  7. NO food or drink is permitted in the gym.
  8. Please make sure students use the toilet before the start of the class to avoid disruption.
When do the classes take place during the year?

For our classes , we have two terms during the year, which generally follow theZug schoolcalendar. Term 1 runs from the 2nd week of January until the end of the first week of July. For some classes it will be the end of June. Term 2 starts from the last week of August and runs to the second week of December. These dates may differ slightly depending on the class but you cancheck these class dateson the schedules page.

We also offer SundayGymnasticsworkshops regularly during the year. You can checkour homepage for our latest workshop.

We do not run classes during public holidays and the Zug school holidays. You can find the holiday dates on the homepage and schedule page.


Registration and Payment Procedures

How do I register for a class?

Registration for classes is now available online, you can sign up for an account through our online registration/parent portal. If you are registering a brand new student you will only be able to sign up for beginner to improver classes. If you think your child is a higher level, please contact to check which class would best suit your childs needs before enrolling.

If existing students wish to change classes, please chat with the coach to discuss suitability before registering online.

The rules and policies must be read and accepted online prior to your student(s) participation in any Gymnasticals program.

Can we choose any class we want during the week or do we have to commit to one day and time?

You must commit to a day and time so that we can maintain safe class sizes and so your child experiences a consistent class experience. If you need to change classes please contact and we will assist you to make the adjustments. We do not encourage changing classes frequently as it may interfere with the speed at which your child learns.

Can I start a class after the term has commenced?

Yes! As long as there is a vacancy. The tuition fee will be prorated.

When are the tuition fees due and how do I pay?

Fees are due before the start of the first day of term.

You can pay by cash on the day or by bank transfer into the following account:

Account name: Manami Jenden

Bank:UBS, Switzerland AG, Postfach 6301, Zug

IBAN:CH52 0027 3273 1273 9740 W


What is your refund policy?

If you have registered online and wish to cancel enrolment within 48 hours of the start of term, there is a cancellation administration fee of CHF55.

If your child does not wish to continue within the first 3 weeks, we are happy to offer a refund for the remaining classes from the time a replacement student can be found and minus an administration fee of CHF55. After this grace period all fees are due and there is no refund.

If my child misses a class, can I get a refund or a make-up class?

Fee are payable for the term. We do not issue refunds or make-up classes for any missed classes.

In the case of a cancelled class because of coach illness and a replacement coach cannot be found, a make-up class will be offered on another date.


Miscellaneous but Important Questions

Can my child have a trial class?

Yes! Your child is welcome to have a trial class, during the term, provided there is space in the class. Please pre-arrange this by contacting Please dont just turn up.

NB: We do not offer trial lessons in the first 3 weeks of term.

Are you closed for school holidays?

We follow the local Zug and school holiday dates and are closed during these times. Please check on our website for the actual holidays dates as they may differ slightly from class to class.

Do you offer Birthday Parties?

YES! We host birthday parties at our Dirty Hands location and for smaller parties at our Shui Zhu Do location.

Please contact for availability and pricing.

Do you run holiday camps?

Sorry, we do we not run holiday camps at the moment.

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