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Gymnasticals provides high quality recreational gymnastics classes to kids aged 4-15 years of age. We offer a variety of different types of courses to suit ability, interest and age.

Manami Jenden

Manami Jenden started Gymnasticals in response to many budding gymnasts wanting to practise their skills but with nowhere to go in the beautiful canton of Zug.

Manami teaches our artistic gymnastics programme. She was a national elite competitive gymnast in the UK, coached by world class performance coach Vladimir Aksenov (coach to 2 World Champions). She is an experienced & qualified coach in both recreational and competition gymnastics.

Meghan Lichtinghagen

Meghan Lichtinghagen is originally from Canada and now living in Switzerland with her husband Andre. She was a member of the Canadian National Gymnastics Team, as a carded athlete by the Canadian Olympic Committee. She competed internationally for Canada in Hungary, Australia and all over North America. She qualified for the Pan American Games team and also competed in the 1992 Olympic Trials.

Naturally, after her competition career in gymnastics Meghan went on to coach gymnastics and is a Level 2 Certified Gymnastics Coach – NCCP (National Coaching Certification of Canada). Meghan has many years experience coaching competitive, recreational and sport specific gymnastics for children of all ages and adults too.

In addition to that Meghan was also a National Level Fitness Competitor. Now, she is a crossfitter and fitness fanatic for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Sejad Dropic

Before joining Gymnasticals, Sejad has been a dedicated gymnastics coach and activities manager at the Gymnastics Club Tuzla in Bosnia for the past 10 years.

Through his experience and passion for gymnastics, Sejad has helped hundreds of children realize their potential in gymnastics from ages 2 to 14 years and well as developing and implementing programmes for children with developmental difficulties.He has also been involved in many in international collaborations with other clubs in countries such as Sweden, Holland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Slovakia.

Sejad graduated from the State University of Tuzla in 2012, as a professor of Physical Education and Sport Science specialising in Gymnastics. Sejad recently married Anida and they both live together in Zurich. In his spare time, he loves reading, travelling and learning languages.

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